This 3D animated transition between 9 companies within a group was done seamlessly without loosing the individual company message in identity, text and visuals.

This was an emergency rescue job, somewhere along the line the client ended up with no graphics for their corporate event, within 24 hours we came up with a working solution because of the understanding our designers have of modern media servers and their capabilities. we composited and rendered out a whole 6 hours shows look and feel with graphics across a 15 metre LED screen, designed pixel perfect with no distortions, it just goes to show with Awali Studios you can build you event graphics without a 6 month budget.

With live events things change up to the last minute that is why we produced this introduction that can change speaker names in less than 3 minutes. The animation is based on the original idea from the client but we took it a step further by animating the component of the look and feel of the event in 3D to build up the interface in a unique way.

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